MOAH JEWELRY : The Expression of Love ( )

Divya : The Girl With The Sparkling Eyes

MOAH JEWELRY : The Expression of Love ( )
MOAH JEWELRY : The Expression of Love ( )

Meet Divya. Divya has sparkling eyes, a lovely smile and amazing dimples in her cheek.

There is a lot more to Divya than her beautiful eyes and her dimples. She is a designer entrepreneur and she specializes in designing garments and made ups for exports. Her designs are classy and well loved in many European countries.

She is also a loving wife & mom and a fitness enthusiast brimming with energy. This super girl, in addition to all these, also manages to find time to stand up for the people and take on tasks that make a remarkable difference in what they are dealing with and what they truly care about.

Divya is wearing the MOAH Pearl Ghunghroo Ring and MOAH Pearl Ghunghroo Earrings.

Divya says .” Amazing Designs, great customer service,, Happy with my first silver jewellery set from Anajana,, Good luck ,, Keep rising!!!!! ”

Thank you Divya. We are inspired by you and look forward to serving you some more.