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How To Keep Your Silver Jewelry Shimmering !

Jewelry made in silver has been very popular since times immemorial. Its hard to not be crazy about it. The shimmering Silver has a unique charm and glow. It has a strange kind of charisma about it. I know so many people who hold their Silver Jewelry close to their hearts and keep looking to add more and more and more to their collection.

I also know of people who go bonkers when their prized Silver Jewelry tarnishes and turns rather black. They do not know what to do about it any more.

If your Silver Jewelry turns black it is time to cheer ! Why you may ask. Well, that is a confirmation that the Jewelry is indeed made of Silver. And that is good.

Maintaining your Silver Jewelry at its shimmering best is not difficult at all. Let me share a few tips and tricks with you here.

MOAH Leaf Brooch
MOAH Leaf Brooch

First and foremost, get present to that it is Silver and it is natural for it to tarnish. When you are not wearing your Silver Jewelry ensure that it is wrapped up nicely while kept. Don’t leave it lying around exposed to the air. It will definitely stay shimmery if you take this one small step to protect the sheen of the jewelry you love so much.

You may try keeping some pieces of chalk in the box where you keep your Silver Jewelry. Chalk will absorb moisture in the air thereby supporting the sparkle in your Silver.

An easy way to make your Silver Jewelry sparkle is to use the toothpaste. Simply put some toothpaste on a piece of cloth and rub the Silver Jewelry article with it. It will shine as new.

However, it is always advisable to ask a professional to do this job for you. They know how to handle this product well, particularly if your jewelry is set with Gemstones. You never know how the gemstone will react to any solution that you apply to it.

In short, keep it simple.

Hope this helps. Feel free to connect with me to know more.

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Anjana Ashok, Founder
Anjana Ashok, Founder

About the author :
Anjana is the founder
of Anjana Jewels which
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